Orangeries Manchester – Orangery Design Manchester

Open up your home and bring the outside in (without the weather) with an orangery from Parkside windows our orangeries Manchester area are custom built to ensure that we add the extra living space to your home that you have always dreamed of.  Isn’t it about time your home make a statement? With a beautiful orangery designed and installed from Parkside windows you can rest assured that it will give your home the WOW factor.

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What is an orangery?

Between the 17th-19th century, if you were wealthy and part of the “fashionable” elite, the chances are you would have had an orangery (or orangerie) within the grounds of your home. Similar to a greenhouse, the extension was used for growing citrus trees in an environment that protected them from frosty weather to survive the winter months. Over time, as citrus fruits became more readily available for a cheaper fee, an orangery was used as a luxury nurturing ground for woody plants, shrubs and exotic plants.

The concept of an Orangery was born in Italy and architecturally adapted in Holland, and soon became viewed as a status symbol among the wealthy.

Are orangeries expensive?

The average price of an Orangery in the UK stands at around £19,000 (this average covers uPVC and Wood).

Do I need planning permission for an orangery?

Planning permission may not be required when:

  • Under half the land around the original house is used (includes buildings already in place).
  • You don’t plan to build it facing a road.
  • A room of 1 level shouldn’t project from a semi by over 3000mm or 4000mm for a detached.
  • Single Storey rooms have a max height of 4000mm.
  • No elevated platforms or balconies.
  • Not on a listed building, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB).
  • Flats & maisonettes have different requirements.

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